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During this year’s summer school session, ACHS teachers, staff, and students will be pilot testing a new electronic hall pass system to determine how viable and successful it could be to switch to digital hall passes during the regular school year. ACHS will be testing E-Hallpass, a leading software solution in this emerging EdTech market.

Rather than use paper or physical hall passes, E-Hallpass allows students to use their Chromebook or a personal device to start a pass, which the teacher can then approve or deny via their computer or on the student’s device through a PIN. In the hall, a student needs to carry only their ID badge as their pass, since all staff will have access to a building-wide dashboard showing active passes.

This test drive experience will help ACHS and D117 determine whether or not to fully implement digital hall passes during the 2022–23 school year. Staff, students, and parents have voiced some questions about this new system. Some of the common questions and answers are below.

Does my student have to use their phone?

No, but they can if they choose to, and if the teacher allows it. E-Hallpass will always be available on the student’s Chromebook, and that is the preferred way to access the system.

Why are ACHS and D117 exploring electronic hall passes?

Several D117 staff members have expressed interest in the concept of “going digital” with hall passes, so our district’s EdTech Specialists began exploring options for how this could be done. There are many benefits to giving hall passes electronically, including:

  • having school-wide data on student behaviors and traffic patterns

  • being able to restrict certain students’ pass privileges

  • having searchable, time-stamped data on where students were in case of an incident, vandalism, etc.

  • being able to control traffic in case a restroom is closed or full, the ILC is closed, a staff member is not available, etc.

  • having a centralized place to report when students are wandering the hall or not where they are supposed to be

  • promoting consistency in how hall passes are managed and granted throughout the building

Where can I learn more about E-Hallpass?


What if a student doesn’t have a device to start a pass?

Teachers and staff can write a pass for a student, but the preferred method for asking for a pass is for the student to start the pass on their device, just as if they were writing a pass in a passbook and asking the teacher for a signature. E-Hallpass takes this book and pen process and makes it electronic.

What if a student is just wandering the hall?

The E-Hallpass dashboard shows all active passes, including origin and destination information. If a student is out longer than the allotted time for their pass, a clear visual indication appears on the dashboard. If a student is not where their pass says they are headed, that will be easy to determine from the dashboard. Based on this information, appropriate discipline and consequences will be given.

Does this mean a student has to take their Chromebook with them to the restroom?

No. For quick “there and back” passes like restroom or water fountain passes, the student only needs their ID badge, since staff will have access to the building-wide pass dashboard and can easily check a student’s name. The Chromebook can stay in the classroom. The student can even turn their device around on the desk so the teacher can see their pass on the screen and have a visual reminder that the student is out.

What student data is shared with E-Hallpass?

Students’ first and last names and D117 email addresses are shared. E-Hallpass does not share student data with any third parties without consent. For more information, you can read their privacy policy at eduspiresolutions.org/privacy-policy.

How much is this software costing ACHS and D117?

This pilot is completely free. Should ACHS and D117 wish to fully implement E-Hallpass in the future, the cost will be appropriately budgeted for.

Does this system use GPS to track my student?

No. There is no GPS or other location tracking component to E-Hallpass.

If you have any questions about E-Hallpass during ACHS summer school, please reach out to our EdTech Specialists, Tyra Stall at tyra.stall@chsd117.org or Kyle Bush at kyle.bush@chsd117.org, or ACHS Summer School Principal Greg Bays at gregory.bays@chsd117.org.