• Congratulations to Re-Elected Board Members

    Board Members Geoffrey Guttschow, Ellen Ipsen and Sandy Jacobs were re-elected for another 4 year term Tuesday, April 2nd.

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    Board Members Geoffrey Guttschow, Ellen Ipsen and Sandy Jacobs
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Ting Zhao

A student unafraid of risk

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Our Strategic Plan is divided into six domains where we want to maintain excellence or see growth. We track our progress with data that relates our goals through Greatness Indicators. As an added layer of progress reporting, we track our plan’s health globally as well as within each of the six plan domains. Look for our Plan Health Indicator within each domain.


Educator Spotlight
An Adept Educator:

Working outside of one's comfort zone is never easy. However, adept educators make it look so. One such example is Michael Riggs. Since last year, he has been not only teaching concert orchestra, chamber orchestra, and making trips to the sender schools to help their orchestra teachers, but also teaching Advanced Placement Seminar. In this unique course, Mr. Riggs helps students work in groups to conduct a research paper, present findings, and take a two-hour written exam in which students write four different analysis essays. Mr. Riggs has accepted this challenge and is helping the students at ACHS excel. As one ACHS student put it, "he is an amazing conductor—he is selfless and always helps others."

Educator Spotlight

Charlie Trout


Social Studies, Teacher

A Lasting Impact:

We are honored to spotlight Mr. Charlie Trout. Throughout his career, Mr. Trout has made impacts on countless students both in the classroom and through coaching. At the end of this year, we will be saddened to say goodbye to Charlie, as he is retiring. However, his impacts as a teacher, coach, and union President have made lasting positive contributions to ACHS and to CHSD117. To best describe this impact, we received this note from a former student about Mr. Trout: I had Mr. Trout when I was there ('94) and his passion for teaching me all about history sparked an interest that I still have today and have passed along to my current ACHS student. I loved how he would give us every detail, taught us how diverse the world is, and made us understand the importance of historical events. I loved it! And last year, when my son was able to take his AP Euro class and he would come home and tell Mr. Trout stories, it was like I was reliving my high school days with Mr. Trout. And now, again he took his International Relations course, just to have him again as a teacher for his last year. Mr. Trout is an amazing example of what a teacher is and should be to their students. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Trout and his wonderful way of getting me hooked forever on history!

Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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