Thank you  School Board Members

The Community High School District 117 Board of Education has, for the second time, been recognized for its exceptional governance practices by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB). District 117 was one of 35 Illinois school districts to earn the School Board Governance Recognition for effective governance behaviors and commitment toward obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively govern the District. IASB’s School Board Governance Recognition program acknowledges local boards of education that practice good governance behaviors as outlined by IASB's Foundational Principles of Effective Governance. The focus of Governance Recognition is on full board development and participation, rather than on individual members. 

Each year, November 15 marks the official statewide observance of School Board Members Day in Illinois. The day is an opportunity to show support for the board of education and the individual school board members who are committed to providing a local voice to educational decisions.

Many people may not know the full role of board of education members.  School board members are elected and serve as unpaid volunteers, for the benefit of the students and community residents, while also acting as front-line education advocates providing a local voice and vision for the district. Never has school board leadership been more important than the past two years.

For boards of education, the recent challenges and difficult choices go beyond the routine educational decisions. While continuing to ensure students have quality learning opportunities, board members must also consider their decisions as they relate to the health and safety of students, teachers, and community members.

School board members continue to work to ensure the opportunities offered by the district are equitable for all and that everybody has the resources to help achieve their dreams. The entire community benefits from having thoughtful and dedicated public servants making public education decisions.

I hope everyone agrees District 117 is a great school system and a source of local pride among residents.  Please thank board members for their service if you see them in our communities.