Student Remote E-Learning Plan

Emergency Day

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) now provides schools with the flexibility to utilize e-learning days in lieu of emergency days (Public Act 101-0012). A maximum of five (5) e-learning days may be used annually in place of emergency days. Schools are responsible for providing students with meaningful learning experiences on an e-learning day and are accountable for the amount of time both students and staff are engaged. Below is information on the District’s e-learning plan:


  • An e-learning day may be utilized on severe weather days, when it is possible for the decision to be made regarding closure.

  • If it is necessary to close school without sufficient notice, an e-learning day will not be used. Instead, the district will utilize an emergency day which will be made up at the end of the year.

  • E-learning days will be limited in use.

  • It is advised that families and staff plan their personal, annual calendar taking into account the potential need for the use of all emergency days rather than plan for e-learning days to be utilized in all instances.

  • E-learning days will follow the late start schedule with classes starting at 9:20 AM.

 Teacher Responsibilities:

  • The late start bell schedule will be followed.

  • Lessons for e-learning days should be of value to the curriculum, substantially align with what the classes are currently doing, and should move the curriculum forward.

  • Teachers will communicate instructional expectations along with a link to access synchronous instruction through Google Meet.

  • Teachers will open up their Google Meets for each class and provide directions for the day and take attendance.  This Google Meet will last a minimum of five minutes.

    • Teachers may choose to teach synchronously for the entire class period.

  • If not teaching synchronously the entire class period, a learning activity relevant to the curriculum will be provided to supplement synchronous learning. The learning activity assigned should be able to be completed within a regular class period and not require a great deal of outside of class work, with the exception of AP courses.

  • Synchronous learning can be done as a whole class, in a small group, or individually. 

 Student Responsibilities:

Following are the protocols that will be followed if we need to close school due to inclement weather and implement an e-learning day:

  • The late start bell schedule will be followed.

  • Students will be expected to attend their classes synchronously, through Google Meet, at the scheduled time as if they were attending school in person that day.  Lunch period study halls and regular study halls will not meet on these days.

  • Students who are unable to attend the Google Meet will be marked absent and should have their parent or guardian call them in as absent.  Students who do not attend the Google Meet should follow up with their specific teachers via email to receive directions for make up work as soon as possible.

  • If applicable, students shall complete learning activity assignments for e-learning by the following day they return from an e-learning day.

  • Students must have their cameras on unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. If a student cannot meet this request, he/she must communicate to the teacher.

  • All school rules will be in effect during the elearning day.

Updated 12-13-2022