Where can I see my student's assignments?

  • On the Today screen, you can see your student's assignments that are due today and tomorrow.

  • On the Calendar screen, you can see your student's assignments by due date.

  • On the Assignments screen, you can see all of your student's assignments.

Where can I see my student's absences?

  • On the Attendance screen, you can see all the absences and tardies recorded for your student. Click a course to see dates of absences/tardies.

  • On the Calendar screen, you can see your student's absences and tardies by date.

How do I add money to my student's lunch balance or pay fees?

For updated information on District 117 lunch and fee payment, please visit RevTrack Fee Portal.


Logging into Infinite Campus

1.   Go to

2.   Click Campus Parent

3.   Enter your username and password and click Log In. If you are new to D117, you will have to create a new account. Click New User? You should have received an activation key or other information from your student’s school to get set up.

4.   If you have more than one student enrolled in the district, you can switch between students by clicking the student's name in the upper right of the screen and clicking on a different student.

Message Center

On the Message Center screen, you can see announcements or messages from your student's school.


On the Today screen, you can see your student’s current lunch balance, as well as assignments that are due today and tomorrow. You will also see your student’s schedule and if they are virtual (remote) or not.


On the Calendar screen, you can see your student’s past and upcoming assignment due dates, their schedule, and their past absences.


On the Assignments screen, you can see grades and due dates for all your student’s assignments this year. If you click Missing, only missing assignments will be shown. If you click Current Term, only assignments from the current semester will be shown.


On the Grades screen, all current grades for your student’s classes will be shown, as well as their GPA.


On the Attendance screen, you can see records of your student’s past absences and tardies.


On the Schedule screen, you can see your student’s current schedule, including their teachers’ names, and which classrooms they meet in.


On the Documents screen, you can access your student’s report cards, schedule, and unofficial transcripts.


On the More screen, you can access information on file for:

  • your address

  • your family contact information

  • your student's college, state, and district test scores

  • important dates like school holidays

  • your student's locker number, location, and combination

  • your student's bus information if they ride the bus

  • your student's progress toward achieving Cum Laude status

  • access to online registration

  • Please note: you cannot change your student's password on this screen. Only your student can change their password.


If you wish to change user settings in Infinite Campus, click User Menu > Settings.

Here you can change your notification settings, your security email and Infinite Campus password, contact information, and see which devices are connected to your account and a log of when your account was accessed.