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To the Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2024,

Students in grade 11 will be taking the Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) Wednesday, March 8, 2023 in the morning during periods 1 - 4. The assessment, which is in compliance with federal testing requirements, will be administered in an online format and is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for Science incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which were adopted in 2014.

The ISA has three sections and is untimed, however, the average time-on-task is estimated at 120 minutes. The results provide administrators with important data to help them make broad curriculum decisions at the school and district levels.

Students will receive testing room assignments on Friday, March 3, through their school email. For testing on Wednesday, students should bring their CHARGED Chromebook and a calculator.  

Please direct questions to Assistant Principal Sophia Liarakos,