To request a transcript, please complete this form by following the directions below. Please remember to include a phone number and email address where you can be reached for questions.

Directions for completing a Release of Records Form:

1. CLEARLY print your name as it appeared on your diploma at the time of graduation.
- If you remember your ID number, please include it.
- Indicate the year you graduated. If you did not graduate, please indicate your last year of attendance.
- Indicate your birth date.
- The Social Security Number is NOT required; it is optional.

2. Indicate what records you want released.
- Indicate the name of the college or university you would like the transcript sent to. If this request is for an employer, indicate the full company name and address, along with the name and title of individual the transcript should be sent to.
- Remember, you must self-report your official test scores. The websites are listed on the form. Make sure you sign and date the form. A typed signature will NOT be accepted.
- Please include a telephone number and/or an e-mail address where you can be reached in case I have any questions.

The Lakes website address, my e-mail address (, and my fax number are listed on the form for your convenience.

Thank you,

Mrs. Debi Thompson