Remote Learning Tech Support

During Remote Learning, your student will naturally rely a lot more on their technology than they might during normal in-person learning. The Tech Departments at Antioch and Lakes are ready to support your student every step of the way.

Assistance with home internet access
Having reliable internet access at home is critical to keeping in touch and on track during remote learning. We understand that some of our families may not have fast, reliable internet access at home. If you need help getting online, please check out one of these options:

Comcast’s Internet Essentials program is offering 2 free months of internet service. You can apply for this program at www.internetessentials.com/covid19
If you would like to check out a district-owned 4G LTE hotspot to use at home, please contact:
Antioch Lakes
Scott Leverentz, Assistant Principal for Student Services Rebecca Holst, Assistant Principal for Student Services
847-838-7767 847-838-7318
scott.leverentz@chsd117.org rebecca.holst@chsd117.org

Technical assistance for students
If your student needs help with any of the major apps/software CHSD 117 uses for remote learning, they can visit TechStop to find quick answers to most of the common issues and questions our students run into. If they are not able to find their answers here, they can email:

Antioch Lakes
achs.elearning@chsd117.org lchs.elearning@chsd117.org

Hardware assistance with Chromebooks
If your student needs hardware assistance with their Chromebook (for example, it is physically damaged, won't turn on, etc.) please email:

Antioch Lakes
achs.heslpdesk@chsd117.org lchs.helpdesk@chsd117.org

and a member of your student’s school’s Tech Department will work out a solution to get their Chromebook fixed and get them back online.