Lakes Has Talent 2020

"Lakes Has Talent" returns in November with fresh new student performers, along with the excitement, thrills, and feel-good performances that students and families have come to love each year.

Mr. Ring and the Student Activities Team is back at planning this fun-filled evening showcasing our students and staff that have the guts to put it all on the line for your entertainment.  We have a star-studded judges' table and our host will bring the event this year right to your living room as we stream this year's competition.  

The competition will be premiered on November 23rd.  Fans can find all of the acts below.  You can watch them any time during the week of Thanksgiving and then vote for the various categories in the voting ballot.  The voting ballot will be posted on November 23rd as well. 

Voting will be open for 1 week and the winners will be announced on November 2nd.  

Enjoy the show! 

Lakes Has Talent Contestant 1

Lakes Has Talent Contestant 2

Lakes Has Talent Contestant 3

This could be You!  

  Take a risk and sign up to be a part of the show.  We need acts!  We Need You!  

Click here to sign up for this year's Lakes Has Talent