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2020–21 Blended Learning Rotation Schedule

See below for CHSD 117’s Blended Learning rotation schedule for this year. This schedule is part of the district’s reopening plan. Information about which group your student is assigned to will be communicated to you in late July. Every effort has been made to place students from the same household in the same groups.

Bell Schedule

Student Remote Learning Expectations

When your student is scheduled for remote learning, please be aware of the following expectations:

  1. As we leave emergency grading from the spring, grades will return to the standard process of fluctuating up and down as students progress through our courses. This includes graduation requirements, state testing requirements, and other state-requirements for graduation.
  2. Every class period should ensure minimally 45 minutes of learning (teachers have flexibility in determining how to best meet this requirement).
  3. Attendance will be taken every period every day in Infinite Campus for remote students.
  4. Fridays are remote learning days for all students. Teachers are available during their assigned class period times to help students. Students should arrange for help with their teachers during their normal class period times.
  5. Remote students will be expected to log into Google Meet during the period at a time the teacher requests them to check-in. The teacher will set the time frame for how long a remote student needs to be logged in each period.
  6. Remote students will be expected to check their emails and Google Classrooms daily to keep in touch with their teachers. Information about meetings and assignments will be communicated through Google Classroom and/or email.
  7. Demonstrate online learning etiquette. Remote students should be aware of their backgrounds and other items that could be seen or heard during remote logins. As mandated reporters, our faculty are obligated to report any type of neglect, abuse, or danger that a student is subject to.
  8. Staff is available to assist students during regular school day hours.
  9. Demonstrate learning through the completion of assignments.
  10. Individual teachers may require more expectations for their classrooms and area of learning.
  11. Be patient with yourselves and school staff; we are all learning together.