Photo of child getting vaccination shot

In partnership with Jewel Osco, Community High School District 117, Antioch Community School District 34, Emmons School District 33, Grasslake Elementary School District 36, Lake Villa Community Consolidated School District 41 and Millburn Community School District 24 will be offering a vaccination opportunity for students ages 12 and older. The vaccinations will take place at Antioch Community High School in the gymnasium. 

Vaccination dates are as follows:

Dose 1: Thursday, May 27 - 3 - 7pm

Dose 2: Thursday, June 24 - 3 - 7pm

Parents must accompany students aged 12-17 to the event. Students 18 or older do not need to have a parent present.

The vaccine is free to all students and there is no cost to the districts to provide this service.  Parents will be asked to complete in advance a consent form, which includes a questionnaire and health insurance information, if applicable. School districts are not requiring vaccination, however; students that are fully vaccinated will not need to quarantine when in close contact with a positive or presumed positive case of COVID-19.

Students will receive the Pfizer vaccine, currently the only vaccine with Emergency Use Authorization for this age group. This program is subject to vaccine availability. Any questions should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent of your respective school district.

All scheduling of vaccinations will be done through this link:


Key information for families:

******Please Note: ONLY sign up if you are able to make both dose 1 and dose 2 dates*******

Parents must accompany students aged 12-17 to the event. Students 18 or older do not need to have a parent present.

  • Pfizer vaccine will be administered at the Antioch Community High School gymnasium

  • Clinic hours will be from 3 pm - 7 pm

  • Dose 2 will be on June 17th at the same location and same appointment time.

    • We cannot guarantee a dose 2 if they are not available both days

  • Have the consent form completed in advance with the parent signature

    • Copies of ID and insurance will be great if all paperclipped together for our processing

  • V-Safe and Pfizer EUA just an FYI

  • Wear vaccine appropriate clothes (short sleeves) to expedite the process

"The goal of this event is to ensure the youth of our community have access to important vaccine resources." 

Dr. James McKay, Community High School District 117 Superintendent