Summer Freshman Academy

This week, the LCHS Summer Freshman Academy wraps up a successful program that hosted in-person learning for roughly 70 new students. Lakes English teacher Keith West said, “It was a great experience for incoming students. We offered many different engaging students, and it was clear the students were eager to be back in a school building.” The staff and students followed social distancing guidelines and wore masks while in the building. 

Unlike traditional summer school coursework, this program offered a social-emotional component to learning in order to prepare students for their careers as high school students. Science teachers Chris Blevins and Will Barbanera also contributed their own engaging experiences by introducing students to conducting experiments and labs. As the staff and students wrap up their summer course work, we’d like to thank everyone who participated for setting a great example of showing respect, courtesy, and pride for their school and community, and for beginning high school on the path to success.