Picture of Advanced Placement Test Example

All first-time AP students are invited to attend AP Boot Camp on Thursday, August 6 from 10 am - 1 pm! This event will be held in an online format this year. All first-time AP students should have received a postcard in the mail and a follow-up email with information about this event. If you have not received either of these communications, please contact Anne Eichman (anne.eichman@chsd117.org) or Michael Riggs (michael.riggs@chsd117.org).

This event is intended to help you begin your AP experience in District 117 with confidence and enthusiasm. Activities will focus on the skills needed to succeed in any AP course and will help to create a community of AP scholars before the school year begins. Students will have the opportunity to hear live from two local College Admissions Officers about the role of AP courses in the college admissions experience. In addition, there will be various pre-recorded break-out sessions for students to choose from, live interactive student discussion groups, and a live Q and A session with experienced AP students from each school.

Feel free to contact Anne Eichman or Michael Riggs with any questions. We hope to see you there!