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    Sequoit Pride is our parent booster club that raises money to pay for un-budgeted student opportunities.

  • Tribute Concert

    Festival Arts of Antioch Presents: A Tribute Concert for Ken Smouse

  • Student Vaccinations

    Did You Know?....It is required that your student be up to date on their vaccine shots prior to the start of the school year.



Our Strategic Plan is divided into six domains where we want to maintain excellence or see growth. We track our progress with data that relates our goals through Greatness Indicators. As an added layer of progress reporting, we track our plan’s health globally as well as within each of the six plan domains. Look for our Plan Health Indicator within each domain.


Educator Spotlight

Chad Rusk


World Languages, Department Chair

World Languages Department Chair:

"Herr Rusk joined the Sequoits a little over a year ago and has made his impact felt in a number of arenas," says Doctor Hubbard. "He has continued the departmental work of the world language curriculum overhauls, and he has turned a keen eye on ensuring his fellow language teachers are feeling supported, managing workloads, and finding balance in their lives as teachers. Herr Rusk has provided a new perspective in building leadership meetings and asks great questions regarding practices, procedures, goals, and achievement. His deep thinking, humor, dedication, passion, and robust skill-set are all appreciated, valued, and critical to our collective growth."

"The more that I got into teaching, the more that I realized it's as much teaching about culture and tolerance, and learning to appreciate and understand and change your ways of thinking with regards to another culture as it is just learning the language itself," says Rusk.

Educator Spotlight

Barbara Comstock


Support Staff, Receptionist

Touching hearts:

Congratulations to receptionist Barb Comstock, the 2016 recipient of the James McKay Award. The Lakes Eagles Booster Club presented her with the award last spring during a ceremony and reception. Her name also was added to the plaque displayed in the main office.

Nominees had this to say about Comstock: "Our daughter is a senior and over the years that she has been attending Lakes Community High School, Mrs. Comstock has helped her in ways that have touched our hearts."

"Every phone call made, every student and every parent are lucky to have Mrs. Comstock on the other end of the phone or at the desk when entering Lakes. We will forever be grateful to Mrs. Comstock for caring."

Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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