Success beyond high school

Community High School District 117 does not just graduate students and forget about them. Success beyond our walls is a metric that we strive to uphold. The many successes that our graduates have in life leave a lasting impression of how great our school system prepared them for the many challenges of life.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is an approach to handling an entity's expnditures, revenues, investements and debt in such a manner that allows it to continue to operate without undue financial distress while delivering the services it exists to deliver. Throughout the year, our district office and the state of Illinois produces statistics that we will post below. These measures get us closer and closer to greatness as a school district.

Active engagement

Community High School District 117 believes that every student should be actively engaged in something during their 4 years within our walls. We offer multiple activities, clubs and athletics to make it easier for them to find where they fit in and where they can excel. Metrics for student engagement across our district are coming soon.