Time & School Day Committee


The full Time and School Day Committee met on October 9, 2018. The group did introductions and then participated in a think-pair-share on the priorities, pros, and barriers in discussing the CHSD117 bell schedule. The group also looked at and provided feedback on a draft staff survey.

The full committee met on November 6, 2018. The group participated in activities aimed at identifying the group's purpose/goal/mission. Once a working statement was agreed upon, the group spoke about timeline and process for the committee's work. The next meeting will include a look at research, identification of needs, wants, and constraints of proposal, and begin work of looking at sample schedules.

The full committee met on December 13, 2018. The group identified a timeline for the work - Nov '19 recommendation. Additionally, the group looked at resources collected as part of a previous discussion around bell schedule and the research/sample bell schedules that have been collected in this committee. The group reviewed the website that was stood up to house, organize, and share the committee's work. Finally, the meeting ended with a discussion of the parameters of exploration. The next meeting will be aimed at creating the guardrails for the committee's recommendation.

The full committee met on January 24, 2018. The group reviewed the revised website and spent some time discussing some of the sample bell schedules and articles housed there. Additional resources were suggested and added to the site. The group talked about guardrails for the discussion and an eventual recommendation, taking into consideration the group's priorities, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the need for stakeholder input.

The full committee met on April 11, 2019. The group reviewed the updates to the website and the resources included there. The idea of using Thought-Exchange was discussed. Then, committee members participated in an activity aligned to the mission of the group, identifying barriers to realizing the mission, considerations/solutions, and schedule implications. Each small group selected their 2 priorities and shared with the larger group. Google Form will be created to vote on proposed core needs. Next meeting: May 9, 2019.