Student Services Department Study

Create a district committee to conduct a comprehensive study of student discipline expectations and enforcement and make recommendations for improvement


To prepare for the implementation Rebecca Holst, Wilbur Borrero, and Kurt Sooley attended two SB100 trainings on January 21 and February 22.

On July 27 Meghan Bargar, Rebecca Holst, Wilbur Borrero, Pat McGuigan, Kurt Sooley, and Curt Onstad met with the CHSD117 lawyers to review policies to ensure compliance with SB100.

In October of 2016, Kurt Sooley, Curt Onstad, Pat McGuigan, and Wilbur Borrero began to built a committee for a discipline committee that is set to meet beginning in January.

On May 16, May 17, and May 18, attendance and discipline committee meetings were held at ACHS. This committee consisted of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. The purpose was to discuss current rules at ACHS and make recommendations for change to the administrative team.

On May 18th, the attendance and discipline committee from ACHS came up with the following: 1. Dress code is not to change 2. Card playing is to be allowed as long as money is not exchanged 3. Tardies: IC will automatically send a notice to parents when the student is late; reward the on-time students, an entry form is filled out every time a student is late - after 5 entry forms, a referral is written 4. Sweat bands should be allowed during school hours

District 117 will continue the conversation about social probation, restorative justice practices, and SB100. We will look to implement consequences that change behavior. Additionally, District 117, will continue to utilize Community Youth Network (CYN), an outside agency, for group counseling as a means to reduce suspensions.

Lakes has established its attendance and discipline committee. Meetings will occur several times over the next couple months. It is comprised of teachers administration, students and parents.

We will meet as a district committee once the respective schools get a direction to discuss implementation of the policies they would like to see change.

District is moving to be ALICE certified, and the deans will complete their trainer certification in April 2018.

Lakes will complete its FEMA certification in the summer of 2018.

June 2018 Lakes completed a trail evacuation and relocation drill with students. Antioch High School Administration Lake Villa, Lindenhurst Police Department and Durham transportation participated.

July 2018 all District administration were ALiCE trained.

During the 2018-19 school year, the dean's offices at both high schools continued to assess the effectiveness of disciplinary actions in deterring future negative behaviors and in minimizing the disruption to the offending student's education. Partnerships with CYN were solidified and individual and group counseling were used for reductions to suspension. The district student dress code was discussed and reviewed with a careful eye on equity for students, and will continue to be discussed in the 2019-20 school year. Additional counseling support through CYN was contracted for the 2019-20 school year as well.

The dean's offices solicited input from multiple stakeholders on the potential for social probation consequences (exclusion from attendance at after school activity and athletic functions, dances, other events) for students who violate expected behavior norms rather than traditional suspensions and other current district disciplinary practices. Feedback will continued to be gathered in 2019-20 prior to a formal review and consideration of a change in practice.

A small group met with representatives from two other local high schools to learn about unique programs offered at those buildings to support students experiencing difficulty maintaining the behavioral norms expected in the typical school setting.