Safe, Secure & Positive Environment


Navigate Prepared was reviewed by our District and building staff. The deans for both Antioch and Lakes High School were given the directive to transition our current documented safety plan into the FEMA template safety plan within the Navigate portal for a March 14th presentation to the District and school administration.

The Antioch and Lakes deans met with Jennifer Nolde for the purpose of gathering data required for the FEMA safety plan template.

The District maintains a Facility Planning Schedule for the purpose of ensuring that facilities are appropriate learning and working environments. The schedule is overseen by the Administration and Facility Committee and is used as a tool for financial projections regarding facilities. The schedule is updated on an on-going basis to meet the changing learning and working environment.

The District tested water distribution units for lead content. Existing units are compliant with Federal Standards.

A District Field House will be constructed to meet the Academic and Extracurricular needs of Antioch and Lakes students. The structure will be attached to the cafeteria of Lakes High School.