Math Curriculum Analysis

Below is our timeline with specific goals and achievement points for curriculum, instruction & assessment excellence.


February 2016 - Committee Met to Review HMH Big Ideas by David Larson after looking at the data collected from the Strategic Plan survey in addition to achievement data.

Fall 2016 - Implemented HMH Big Ideas into Integrated Math 1, 2, and 3. Teacher resource packages were purchased for both schools at all three levels. Hardcover books at all three levels were made available to all students, and online books at all three levels were also available.

2016-17 School Year - At the school levels, achievement results and professional development on instruction were examined and discussed regularly with department chair meetings.

May 2017 - Meeting to discuss math data with incoming Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Principals of both schools, Assistant Principals of Curriculum and Instruction at both schools, and Department Chairs at both schools.

Summer 2017 - Intentional summer curriculum work by the LCHS and ACHS department chairs on Integrated Math 1 was conducted with a focus on vertical alignment, learning targets, and relevant curriculum.

Fall 2017 - District math SMART goal to provide teachers with additional instructional resources to help engage students in their learning and incorporate various levels of questions. The goal is to reduce the failure rate by 10%. Professional development at late start meetings and institute days will focus on this goal.

January 2018 - Zachary Herrmann, Director and Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, worked with the math department at the January institute day on improving teaching and learning using complex tasks, creative problem solving, collaborative learning, and equity.