Exit Interview Protocol

“Very few people arrive at our doorstep fully developed,” says Carole Robin, director of the Arbuckle Leadership Fellows Program at Stanford GSB,. She would also say that "Feedback is a gift." Carole's work centered around work environments and the feedback loop sets the bar for how organizations should handle feedback. We recognize the importance of feedback at Community High School District 117, and we strive to give and accept feedback to make us a better organization. For many years, every employee that has left our school district has had an exit interview with our Superintendent. During this time they are given an opportunity to provide us feedback on how we can do better, as well as tell us what we are doing right. Check out the Artifacts area of this goal to see our current exit interview questionnaire.


In the Fall of 2015, during our strategic planning sessions, many were not aware that our District office already had an exit interview process. The strategic plan staff feedback surveys that we received showed a significant concern that we might lack a solid process for collecting feedback from our exiting employees. For many years, if an employee decided to leave Distirct 117, our exiting employees would attend an exit interview with our Superintendent where they were presented with an exit survey. The exiting employee was asked to provide us with this valuable feedback and return the form at their convenience. The current form used for this process is available as an artifact to this goal. Though this goal was not scheduled to be addressed until the 2017/2018 school year, the District office considers this process to be in place and effective with regards to receiving valuable feedback from exiting staff members. We value feedback as a school district and we recognize that there is always room for improvement.