District Technology Committee

In the past, Community High School District 117 has had a technology committee that guided and steered many facets of our educational technology needs, which included hardware and software needs. This committee was comprised of hard working teachers that had a passion for using technology tools to assist them with delivering their classroom instruction. Over the past 2 years, August 2014- August 2016, our strategy shifted and technology equipment acquisitions were handed over to our curriculum leadership team, which is made up of department chairs and building administrators. Giving the curriculum leadership team more decision making opportunities actually met 1 of the 4 technology needs assessment requirements outlined in this goal. Over time, both of the strategies described above have been effective in their own ways. The technology goal that lies in front of us challenges our curriculum and instruction team, as well as our technology support staff, to plan for the next 5 years of technology in our school district. We are ready for the challenge!


Technology Needs Assessment Presentation created for anticipated February 2016 Needs Assessment Team Kickoff Meeting

A Website Committee kickoff meeting took place in March of 2016: This team, comprised of our District 117 Superintendent, Technology Director, Webmaster and Content Coordinators, met to discuss the survey feedback as well as our own understanding of what our website needs in order to more effectively communicate District and school information. We formed a strategy to address most concerns that our website visitors voiced in our strategic planning surveys.

March 2016 - The new equipment acquisition process was implemented in District 117: This process allowed the Assistant Superintendents of Curriculum to have the final decision as to what technology resources were purchased and for which departments. These curriculum leaders consulted all building departments and found consensus on what would be needed for the 2016/2017 school year.

In August of 2016, Community High School District 117 launched our new website, The website design and content is organized according to our end user visiting the site. Students, Parents and Staff have their designated content so that finding what they need is done with less mouse clicks. Check us out on the web!

On November 15, 2016 our District 117 Technology Committee held a kickoff meeting per the technology strategic planning goal. This technology goal requires a committee to perform a technology needs assessment for the purpose of making technology enhancement recommendations to the board of education. Check out the meeting agenda and meeting minutes in the artifacts area to keep up with what is being discussed in this committee.

On January 17th, our committee held its second meeting. Check out the meeting agenda and minutes in the artifacts section. This meeting was centered around our strategic plan goal of leveraging existing technology integration and where our departments want to enhance our current technology integration. We also discussed focusing on only two of the many ISTE tech standards, 1 student standard and 1 teacher standard, so that we do not get overwhelmed with this process. The teacher standard we will focus on initially is the goal for teachers to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity. We will then move our focus onto the student standard of Empowered Learners. It is the belief of this committee that focusing our efforts solely on enhancing our teachers ability to facilitate and inspire students will have a significant and direct impact on our ability to empower students in and out of the classroom. This will be accomplished with more professional development opportunities centered around technology, as well as a classroom tools analysis with the possibility of purchasing more classroom specific technology tools as needed.