Annual Curricular Assessment


On November 28, 2016, a survey was sent to CADCA (Chicago Area Directors of Curriculum and Assessment) soliciting curriculum review cycles, documents, procedures, and processes. Five school districts responded with materials for CHSD117 to consider, explore, and vet.

On January 24, 2018, a new 5-year curriculum review cycle was presented to all CHSD117 administrators. After having collected cycle samples and working with the principals and assistant principals to develop our own cycle and tools, department chairs were introduced to a cycle that will be used for the 18-19 school year and beyond. Department chairs will work collaboratively to place their courses on the cycle and the District will support the work with tools, time, summer curriculum hours, and professional development, as necessary and needed. Departments will submit their respective courses for placement on the cycle by February 16, 2018.