Student Services

High school students are under an immense amount of pressure. Navigating teenage years is becoming more and more complex with students being pulled in many directions. As a group, we work to provide all students with a physically and emotionally safe learning environment. Our team is made up of counselors, psychologists, and social workers. We collaborate with teachers, administrators, students, parents, community supporters, and other agencies to give each student every opportunity to meet his or her potential. We believe each student has the right to a healthy life in all areas, and we collaborate with all parties that are involved. List of groups at LCHS

College Representatives: Lakes is now booking College Rep appointments through Counselor Community to schedule a visit with our high school. If you have questions, please call Gina Putka at 847-838-7144.


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2021 Career Panel #1: Fire fighting, Law enforcement, Emergency medicine services

Career Panel #2: Plumbing & Electrical

CAREER PANEL #3: Manufacturing