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It is now a graduation requirement for seniors to complete one of the following forms: FAFSA, Alternative Application or the FAFSA Waiver. Each application opens October 1 and grant money goes quickly so please do not wait!! You only need to fill out one, so here is who should fill out each form.

You can also watch this short video on the differences and steps for each form.

FAFSA - Any family looking to receive funding for college from the Federal Government. You will need to have a Social Security Number, FSA ID (can take 24 to receive) and last year's Tax return. This is the most common form and colleges and universities prefer that students fill out this form.

Waiver - This is for families that are not going to fill out the FAFSA but still would like to graduate high school.

Alternative Application - Families that have undocumented parents or students who are transdender to apply and recieve grant money.


Visit the sites listed below for a comprehensive search of national scholarships:






In addition to the scholarship searches above, be sure to log into Naviance and search the scholarships listed within the program. Be sure to check with your specific colleges and review any scholarships they may offer specifically for their school.

Financial Aid Resources

Visit this site for a general overview of the types of aid possible.

Visit this site from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) that discusses financial planning for college.

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