If you could see what I see every day!

Our mission in Community High School District 117 is to Ignite Passion and Discovery in Every Student. That is a pretty bold mission for our schools and for our families to achieve. To be successful we need to be strategic in many ways.

  • On the front line, we need passionate educators who love what they are doing working alongside our students. I think we are excellent at hiring skilled and caring teachers for our classrooms. I am really proud of our staff and they will be the difference for many of our students finding their passion.
  • The next thing we need is well-rounded graduation requirements so students can experience many different curriculums that are challenging and meaningful to the students. Some students may learn they love certain subjects and dislike others. It is important that students graduate high school with self-awareness of what they have an affinity towards.
  • Continuing in that vein, our extracurricular experiences, be it athletics or clubs, need to provide our students with experiences that are full of real-life challenges that force growth in many ways. One of the most important lessons our young adults need to learn is how to lose with grace and also how to win with grace.
  • Within all of these aspects, schools and families need to build character, compassion, grit, and the ability to set goals for the future. We want students to learn those good things rarely just happen without a solid foundation and good planning.

Each and every day I see students who love to learn and are compassionate to their classmates. I see students who believe in themselves and want the future to be better for everyone. I see students who have found their passion in life and who can now focus on a successful future. I am proud to say, I see the future in these students and I look forward to the changes this generation will bring to the world.


David Newberry