Ariel Mozes



  • What ‘Ignite passion and discovery in every student’ Means to Me

    Theatre is a means of exploring the intangible and the inaccessible. It is a way to allow yourself to learn, grow, and exist in someone else's shoes, even for merely an hour. As artists and audience members, we discover all this by building complete worlds from nothing and by illuminating the world from darkness. As an educator, I strive to help my students find this in theatre. As my students come from all walks of life, I want them to discover that theatre has something for everyone in every way.

  • A Teachable Moment

    At the age of 17, I was given a backstage tour of a Las Vegas show while on a family vacation. After spending four hours backstage and having every single question of mine answered, I knew this was the right career for me but wasn't sure how to pursue it. I spent the rest of my senior year doing as much theatre as I could - and by May 1st, I decided that I wanted to teach it.

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Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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