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  • What ‘Ignite passion and discovery in every student’ Means to Me

    The statement Ignite Passion and Discovery in Every Student means a lot, and in order to accomplish it, there needs to be a partnership between staff and students. It is my goal to come to school every day and be excited about the material we are learning about. Hopefully my passion is contagious and that can then ignite the passion within the students.

  • A Teachable Moment

    When I was in high school, I took calculus and struggled a lot. I ended up getting a C, which I was not happy with, even though I put in a ton of time with the teacher and on my own. When I went on to college, I took calculus again, and it was a breeze. It would have been nicer if the first time through I understood everything, but I kept at it and eventually it clicked. The take away lesson here is that you should continue to put in time, even if you are struggling, and eventually it will click. To this day I continue to love math!

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Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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