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All students are assigned a guidance counselor when they enter Lakes as freshmen. Counselors work with students throughout their four years at Lakes to help them on their path to their post-secondary plans, whether that be a four-year college, entering the work force, or another route. Counselors also offer social-emotional support to students through programming and/or one-on-one meetings.


Freshman Spring Class Meeting

Enrollment Presentation

Freshman Learning Style Presentation

Fall Freshman Presentation


Career Exploration Presentation

Sophomore Spring Class Meeting


Fall Sophomore Presentation

College Boot Camp Form

Junior Spring Class Meeting

Enrollment Presentation

Erika’s Light House Presentation

Junior Fall Presentation

Senior Final Transcript and Senior Survey

Username:  Student email with capitol first and last name

Password:  Chsd(ID#)

Senior Spring Class Meeting

Erika’s Light House Presentation

Senior College Planning Meeting Fall 2017

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

September 5 Financial Aid Night Presentation by Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)


Visit the sites listed below for a comprehensive search of national scholarships:
In addition to the scholarship searches above, be sure to log into Naviance and search the scholarships listed within the program. Be sure to check with your specific colleges and review any scholarships they may offer specifically for their school.

Financial Aid

All seniors are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Even though families may feel they will not qualify, often colleges require this process in order to award scholarship money that is merit-based. Students and their parents should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on, or soon after, October 1.

Financial Aid Resources

  • ROTC Programs
  • Reserve Programs

  • International University Guidebook

    Follow this link to a guidebook to searching and applying to International Universities

    Study Abroad in England!!

    College Planning Spring Presentation Resources




    Zacharias Center

    Zacharias Center Handout

    2017-2018 Course Selection Presentation

    District List of Resources

    Follow this link to connect with your districts list of resources

    Here you will find resources for Social/Emotional issues, Bilingual services, Food Assistance and Homeless Shelters, Suicide Prevention, School Refusal and other counseling supports.


    Starting the Scholarship Search

    Starting the Scholarship Search Worksheet

    Building Emotional Strength


    The College Athlete & NCAA Eligibility

    Financial Planning for College

    Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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