Building Safety Planning

D117 PARENTS:  District 117 uses Infinite Campus to send out communications via email, Infinite Campus inbox, text and voice messages. We are entering the season of inclement weather.  Please take a moment to check your contact preferences for emergency alerts, school closing, and other school communications.

To receive communications and alerts, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOUR INFORMATION ON FILE IS ACCURATE AND CURRENT. Every student is assigned an Infinite Campus Portal account; ALL parents should have their own account.  If you do not have a portal account and need information on how to create an account, please contact your school’s main office. 
Click on the ” Updating Your I.C. Contact Info” tab if you need step by step instructions

    Community High School District 117 takes great pride in the safety and security of our students and staff.  We have several response systems that assist our administration with securing our facilities.  These systems are tested on regular intervals and we work closely with our local emergency response teams to ensure the proper precautions are being taken for all of our students and staff.

    Our district also assesses local forecasts when deciding wether or not to close our facilities in the event of inclement weather conditions.  Check out our procedures on the school closing alerts tab.

      Our schools have never been safer.  The precautions we take to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff have never been more detailed.  We are constantly evolving to stay compliant with local agencies and we will continue our diligence with emergency planning. 

      Navigate PreparedBluePointRespond



      Automatic Notifications

      In the Portal, parents and students have the option of receiving notifications for attendance, score and grade changes, and low lunch balances. Grade change notifications are sent both for changes to final grades at the end of a term and changes to in-progress grades throughout the term. To access notifications, go to the bell icon at the top of the Portal.

      Check out our step by step guide on ensuring your automatic notifications are setup for your family.  Click Here

        Infinite Campus Preferences

        D117 uses the email address we have on file for you and Infinite Campus’ inbox for communication. The Infinite Campus Portal provides a window to extensive information for each student enrolled. Please be sure your contact information is set with the criteria you prefer to receive communications.

        You can get to the Infinite Campus Portal from our website or you can use this LINK


        1) DEMOGRAPHICS: This area is for updating Non-Household and Emergency relationships. Only the PRIMARY parent/guardian can update this area.

        2) HOUSEHOLD INFORMATION: Update your household phone number or address in this area. *Note: Address changes can be requested, although approval will require proof of new address with a land based utility bill, deed, or lease, provided to the Registrar.

        3) FAMILY MEMBERS: Update contact information such as email, cell and work phone numbers.

        4) ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Update your Infinite campus password and security settings.

        5) CONTACT PREFERENCES: Update Notification preferences for email and phone numbers listed. Message alerts include Emergency, Attendance, Behavior, General, Priority, and Teacher Notifications.

        6) NOTIFICATION SETTINGS: Update options for receiving notifications for attendance, score and grade changes, and low lunch balances.


        Community High School District 117 takes several factors into consideration when determining whether to close schools due to extreme weather. The following are some criteria that will be used when making school closure decisions. Invariably, there will be situations that do not fit into the guidelines in which case the administration will do its best to provide cancellation information to families as soon as possible.

        School Closing

        District 117 uses some very advanced safety systems to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff. 

        Blue point is a Rapid Alert System that instantly notifies law enforcement and building occupants of
        an emergency situation, expedites a rapid response, triggers emergency management protocols
        and ultimately saves lives.

        Navigate Prepared
        Navigate Prepared is a school safety response program that allows our schools to communicate emergency procedures and critical life safety information to our staff and our local emergency response teams.

        Navigate Respond is a mobile safety app designed to help ensure students are accounted for quickly during an emergency. Available on administrator mobile devices, the app features a user-friendly dashboard that provides our administration the ability to instantly view building and class roster information that is synced with the school’s Student Information System (SIS).

        Both Antioch High School and Lakes High School students and staff take part in our planned drills for evacuation, severe weather, law enforcement rapid response, and bus evacuation.  These are regularly scheduled drills, established by the school board, where students and staff carry out life safety procedures. 

        Safety drills will occur at times established by the school board. Students are required to be silent and shall comply with the directives of school officials during emergency drills. There will be a minimum of three (3) evacuation drills, a minimum of one (1) severe weather (shelter-in-place) drill, a minimum of one (1) law enforcement drill, and a minimum of one (1) bus evacuation drill each school year. There may be other drills at the direction of the administration. Drills will not be preceded by a warning to the students.

        Visitor Policy
        1. Student Visitors to School- Students enrolled in other high schools will not be
        permitted to visit Community High School District 117 schools during the regular
        school day. Other school age visitors will not be permitted to visit with students
        during the school day or to be on school grounds during the school day.
        2. Alumni Visitors to School- Alumni wishing to visit members of the faculty and staff
        must obtain a visitor pass from the Main Office. All visitors are encouraged to visit at
        the conclusion of the school day or during a teacher’s planning period, unless given
        prior approval by a faculty member to visit his/her classes.
        3. Adult Visitors to School- Parents, guardians, and community members are
        encouraged to visit Community High School District #117 Schools. Each visitor must
        sign-in at the Main Office, show photo identification, receive and display a Visitor’s
        Pass. Any visitor without proper authorization will be asked to leave the campus.

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