Student Assistance Program


The Antioch Community High School Student Assistance Program promotes student well-being helping students who are dealing with issues related to substance abuse and mental health.  SAP is a prevention, intervention, and support system for students who are facing challenges in their lives.  We will accomplish this through the education of students, staff, and community stakeholders.

District 117 has renewed their partnership with the Community Youth Network for the 2017-18 school year to provide weekly services to students as a reduction to suspension, and also other needs as determined by the Student Services Team.

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Brett Heintz - Counselor, SAP Coordinator
Meghan Bargar - Assistant Principal of Student Services
Pat McGuigan - Dean
Joseph Loffredo - School Social Worker
Helene Schulze - Teacher

Functions of SAP

Programs, services and activities designed to keep healthy students healthy
          School Policy and Expectations 
          Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct
          Red Ribbon Campaign (alcohol/drug awareness)
  Alternative to Suspension Program (Community Youth Network Partnership)
          Mental Health Presentations
          Parent Education Programs
          Staff Training
          Pre-prom Assembly
Programs and services designed for early intervention to re-focus student learning and growth
        Attendance/Tardy Policies
        Referral System
        SST Review
        SAP Core Team Review
        In-School Student Educational Support Groups
        Community-Based Educational Programs
        Community-Based Student Assessment Services
Programs and services which promote and support positive and healthy change
        Support Groups
        Counselor/Social Worker/School Psychologist Support
        Community Referral Resources
        Staff Mentoring of Students
        Evaluation and Monitoring of Program Services and Processes

Information for Students

A number of support and educational groups are offered to students at Antioch Community High School. Groups meet once a week and rotate through periods so that students do not consistently miss the same course. In most cases, groups are open for any student to join and are available to students who need support throughout the school year. In order to join a group, students may refer themselves or may be referred by a school professional or parent.

These groups are determined and organized based on the needs of the students. A few groups offered at Antioch include:

Women’s Issues
Men’s Issues
Latina Women
Social Skills
Family Issues
Anxiety/Coping Skills
Substance Use
Life Skills


Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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