Antioch Sequoits Logo

The Antioch High School Logo

The current Antioch High School logo was created in the early 1970s by John O’Hara as an emblem for the football team’s helmets. Other sports teams soon began using the design, and before long the artwork found its way onto all manner of items as a symbol of the school.

The “A” in the center stands for Antioch (naturally) and the circle surrounding it represents unity of the students and athletes who wear the symbol. The arrow always faces forward, symbolizing the need to move ahead and overcome obstacles. Two feathers below the arrow represent teamwork and working together to achieve success.

Originally the logo used three colors: cardinal, black and white. Gray was added more recently to the arrow and feathers to better incorporate the school’s colors.

The Superfan Stan character debuted in September 2006, both in illustrated form and as a costumed mascot. Pictures of Stan at events can be found on his Facebook page.


Versions of Stan turned slightly to the right or left are available for download on the Downloads tab. Note that the artwork cannot be merely flipped left-to-right, as the word Sequoits on his belt would then be backwards, as would the logos on his chest and left bicep.

Trademark & Fair Use

Logos are protected by U.S. trademark law, not copyright, and fair use of a trademark is not the same as fair use of copyrighted work. The reasoning behind fair use in either instance, however, is similar as it protects a fundamental right of free expression. Fair use allows the use of a logo without seeking permission from the trademark owner, but only under certain circumstances.

U.S. trademark law, as set forth in the Lanham Act, provides for a non-owner of a logo registered as a trademark to make fair use or “nominative use” without prior permission from the trademark owner. Logos as trademarks also can be protected by state law and court rulings in common law. The Publishing Law Center explains that unlike a copyright, the trademark ownership of a logo could potentially last forever. But logos don’t have to be registered as trademarks to be protected under common law. The law allows the owner of a trademarked logo to attempt to prevent any appropriation of the logo for use on competing goods or services or any use that could cause consumer confusion on ownership or endorsement. The rights of the logo owner, however, are not absolute.

The fair use or nominative use of our Antioch Community High School logo is recognized for purposes of description and identification. A newspaper, for instance, can incorporate our school logo in an article about our standardized testing results. Trademark allows an author of a nonfiction work to use our trademarked logo only to describe or identify our school. It might not be considered fair use, for instance, for a book on the general condition of the public education system in Illinois to incorporate only the logo of ACHS on its cover.  Actual findings of infringement are left to the courts.

Our internal staff, activity sponsors and athletic coaches from time to time use our logo for selling merchandise to raise funding for our student programs.  This is an excellent example of fair use of our Antioch Community High School logo.

We ask that anyone using our trademark appropriately use our likeness for positive description and identification, as well as the promotion of student achievement within our schools and communities that we serve.

Download our Logos

Below are downloadable versions of the logo elements in several file types and color combinations.  Right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) to save these files to your computer.

Note:  All versions of the ACHS logo are a trademark of Antioch Community High School and Community High School District 117.

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