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From the desk of Jim McKay

Posted: September, 30, 2016 - 12:00am

Far Too Common!

On September 29th, the national evening news reported once again on a tragic school shooting at Townville Elementary School in South Carolina. The threats of violence in schools and society are becoming far too common and sadly, in my opinion, creating a new “normal”.  While Community High School District 117 encounters threatening situations occasionally, it never becomes easier for parents, students, staff or our greater community to accept.  These threats of violence are senseless and require immeasurable resources on the part of our schools and communities.  We take these threats very seriously and will use all our means possible to identify and discipline the individuals involved.  We understand our role and first responsibility of ensuring the safety, security, and well being of our students and staff.

As I indicated in an article last spring, we continue to believe that our schools have never been safer. The District has invested heavily in upgrading our security systems which include increasing the number of high resolution cameras, a variety of communication systems, stronger cooperation/collaboration with our fine Police departments and other significant improvements.  Additionally, we are working directly with all our first responders to improve our policies and practices.  The Administration consistently communicates with our student body and encourages students to notify staff if they feel something is suspect.  One of the many assets of our schools is the strong, positive relationships that are developed between staff and students which ultimately builds a healthy sense of security.  Moreover, it is not uncommon for our students to bring concerns to the attention of our staff.  The adage of “it takes a village to raise a child” also applies to ensuring the safety and security of our schools and community.

While we take all possible precautions to help ensure that our campuses are safe, secure and provide a peaceful, rich learning environment, we all know that unfortunate and unplanned events can and do occur. In the event of an emergency, we are prepared to provide to our students, staff, parents and school community timely, accurate and honest information.  As you know, information moves fast in the electronic age. One inaccurate email or text message can spark rumors, create unnecessary panic or make a real emergency much worse. In the case of an emergency, we ask that you remember to look for accurate information from the District. We will deliver messages over these services:
Website. The District’s and respective school’s webpages will provide the most up-to-date and accurate information.  Our web address is
Email. If you provide an email address to the District, we will contact you through an email message in an emergency.
Phone Calls. We can reach parents at each school site and throughout the entire district through our All-Call message system. Please be sure to provide us the phone number that we should call in an emergency.
Local Media. We will work closely with the local media to keep our community informed of the situation.

In an emergency, we ask that you do not contact the school’s main line. To help ensure student safety, we must keep these lines open for use by regional safety officials. To help ensure campus safety and security, we have developed a crisis preparedness and communications plan that involves local first responders, and you have a role too: Please make sure that we have your best contact information, phone number and email address. Please also remember to turn to our official sources of information on situations, which will help to not complicate an emergency with misinformation or rumors.

We are proud that our schools are a safe and rich learning environment for everyone. While future threats of violence may occur, we continue to work closely with our fine first responders to thwart these efforts.

Yours in Education,
Jim McKay

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