Stacy Terlep



  • What ‘Ignite passion and discovery in every student’ Means to Me

    Giving every student the opportunity to find a topic that they are passionate about and enjoy learning should be every teacher’s goal. For me, to “ignite passion and discovery in every student,” means that as an educator, my goal is to find something that interests every student to the point of feeling a “want” to learn more about a subject. I try to encourage students to ask questions that expand beyond the classroom curriculum and dig deeper into the content that students are learning. Every student should be introduced to at least one topic in every subject that gives them the desire to keep learning about that subject, and if a teacher can provide students with this yearning to learn, that teacher has met this goal.

  • A Teachable Moment

    My junior year of high school I took a History class that changed my outlook of the subject, as well as the role that teachers played in my life in a positive way. I always knew that I wanted to teach, however it was not until taking this History class that I realized teachers could really display their love and passion for a subject in front of a classroom of students who might come into the class without an interest of the subject whatsoever. My teacher was always full of energy and loved to be silly in front of the classroom. I will never forget the day that she not only explained, but also demonstrated how soldiers would get trench foot during World War 1. This teacher’s display of passion for the class enabled me to enjoy History class for the first time ever! She is the teacher I give credit to when I act silly in front of the class, showing my geeky side for science and passion for teaching. I want my students to feel the same comfort and love for a topic they might not enjoy, just like she provided to me.

Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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