Patrick Johnson



  • What ‘Ignite passion and discovery in every student’ Means to Me

    Education is something earned, and that is accomplished by giving students the tools to think critically and creatively, imagine and enact change, and live for dreams with care for the whole person in mind. By providing students with the opportunities to explore what interests them using a variety of methods, we are setting them up to problem solve no matter what the vocation they are called to participate in moving forward. To me, to "ignite passion and discovery in every student" means to believe, respect, trust, and empower these young adults to become democratic citizens in a society grasping for new life. These Sequoits are our future; it's time to give them the opportunities to prove that they're up for the challenge.

  • A Teachable Moment

    I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in elementary school, and I've been motivated and inspired by many of my teachers ever since. However, what inspired me most came when I was in graduate school and finally had the opportunity to explore power and identity. Here is where I was entrenched in discussions of struggle, hegemony, and gender; and here is where I was pushed by three incredible women to be better, be stronger, and be the difference. It was during this time that I fell in love with the opportunity to challenge students to think differently, inspire creativity, imagine success, dream big, and never accept giving up and "I don't knows" as options. My graduate school years helped define who I am philosophically as a teacher, and I would like to think my students are all the better for it.

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Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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