Portrait with poster

Ms. Terlep shows off her newly-printed poster

Posted: April, 6, 2018 - 2:38pm

Terlep’s Travels

Antioch Community High School

ACHS science teacher Stacy Terlep will be in Vienna, Austria for the European Geosciences Union GIFT, or Geosciences Information for Teachers conference from April 9th through 11th. The focus of this event will be “major events that shaped the Earth.” Terlep will be joining six other teachers from the United States, as well as teachers from twenty-four countries around the world.

Topics covered during the three-day conference include “The first million years of the solar system: From Dust to Planets,” “The Emergence of Life,” “Plate Tectonics: The scientific revolution that revealed how our planet works,” “The great oxidation event, 2.3 Billion years ago,” “Ice Sheet evolution in the arctic,” and much more.

On Tuesday, teachers will be sharing labs and activities that they have successfully used in their own classes. Ms Terlep will be using a poster to share her “Earthquake at ACHS” assessment.

“With my trip less than a week away, I am getting very excited for this experience,” says Ms. Terlep.  “This is wonderful,” says superintendent Jim McKay, “we are very proud of this good work!”

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