Extracurricular Programs

Community High School District 117 strives to offer numerous activities for students to take advantage of throughout the school year.


In August 2016, we rolled out an Activity Handbook for Sponsors of Clubs and Activities to explain the high standards District 117 holds for their sponsors when conducting meetings and events for District 117 students.

In late August 2016, Activity Directors worked in conjunction with District 117 employees to help mainstream the fundraising documents when requesting and reconciling fundraiser for clubs, activities, and athletics. These improvements have have assisted when auditors check on financial aspects of these organizations.

In Early September, Activity Directors implemented the first online registration to sign the Activities Code of Conduct. Parents used the online program 'R School' to submit information that allows their child to participate in Clubs and Activities that they choose.

August 18, 2016, the newly formed NLCC, Northern Lake Country Conference, hosted the inaugural Leadership Conference at the College of Lake County. This is the first year that students from clubs and activities have joined students from athletics to attend this conference. Students worked with others from all 8 schools in the conference to discuss leadership fundamentals that they hope to use throughout the year.

NLCC Activity Directors met monthly to discuss the 8 Activity Events and that were being implemented for the 2016-2017 school year. These meetings allowed each director to gain ideas from others and discuss challenges that each are facing.

Throughout the year, students initiate the process to develop a new club/activity to enhance opportunities to increase student involvement. The Activity Directors assist the students in the process to allow a club to be formally presented to the Board of Education for final approval. The following clubs were added during the 2016-2017 school year Chess Team, Smash Brothers Club, Gaming Club, Bass Fishing, and a writing/poetry club.

In April, Activity Directors attended the IDSA, Illinois Director of Student Activities, to recognize sponsors for outstanding achievements and look for new ideas to assist sponsor and implement back in the school. This year the focus was to find ways to increase positive school spirit.

Activity Directors brought the ideas of using a program for ticket sales and other incentives for our students to get involved. District Technology staff purchased the 5 Star program and will be looking to find a couple of ways to use it during the 2017-2018 school year.

Each Club and Activity has a place on the School Website to share information about meeting times, place, and general club information. Throughout the year, Clubs and Activities looked to add pictures and continue to add information to share with students, parents, and community members.

Eligibility is checked on students for competitive activities. Students who are not passing 5 classes with a 2.0 are not eligible to compete or perform in their events. Students can reference the Activity Code of Conduct for more information.