Drug, Alcohol & Mental Health

Create a district committee to conduct a comprehensive study of drug and alcohol policies/prevention and mental health challenges (awareness, training and treatment)


The Student Assistance Program was enacted by Meghan Bargar and Rebecca Holst in July 2016. Request for volunteers was made to certified General Education Teachers, School Psychologists, Counselors, and Deans.

District 117 partnered with Community Youth Network to provide biweekly prevention curriculum to students that earned a reduction to suspension.

On September 18th, Rebecca Holst and Meghan Bargar met with Andy Duran, Executive Director from LEAD to discuss Text-A-Tip, an anonymous hotline, and programs that LEAD could offer District 117.

The first official District 117 SAP training meeting was held on September 19th. The focus of the meeting was to identify the purpose and roles of the committee and go through stage one of the training.

The second official SAP training meeting was held on October 20th. The focus of the meeting was to identify our goals and come up with a mission statement.

The third official SAP training meeting was held on November 18th. The focus of the meeting was to identify a student in crisis and come up with an action plan.

Andy Duran, Executive Director from LEAD, presented on 'From Use to Abuse' at LCHS (11/30) and ACHS (12/6) to educate parents on local and national drug trends, strategies to engage in conversations with our youth on drug use, and to discuss prevention strategies. Along with the presentation, there was also an exhibit giving parents the opportunity to walk thru a room in which drugs were hidden.

Ericka's Lighthouse presented to all staff on March 3rd on the topic of mental health for adolescence.

The final official SAP session with Prevention first was held on April 13th. The focus of the meeting was to review action plan for implementation.

Ericka's Lighthouse presented to the District 117 community in the evening on March 14th. The presentation was geared towards parents and their communication with their children. Ericka's Lighthouse also provided parents with numerous online resources.

District 117 renewed their partnership with Community Youth Network for the 2017-18 school year. A representative from CYN will be at each building weekly to help provide services to students as a reduction to suspension, and also other needs as determined by the Student Services Team.

Members of the District Student Services departments are working over the summer to finalize curriculum for all students pertaining to mental-health and sexual violence.