College Preparedness Study

Conduct an internal and external study of the student services department that includes an analysis of the current reality, implications for college preparedness and recommendations for immediate improvement


On September 6 at Lakes and September 8 at Antioch our Financial Aid Workshop was held for Senior parents. A representative from Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) presented on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the process for applying for financial aid.

On September 12 at Lakes and September 28 at Antioch, the College Fair was held for any student and/or parent/guardian wanting to attend. College representatives from fifteen different schools were present to speak with our students about the college admission process and answer any questions students had. Additionally, break-out sessions were held that focused on NCAA requirements, scholarship opportunities, Financial Aide, and Naviance.

On October 4 at Lakes and October 5 at Antioch, our FAFSA workshop was held. There was a representative from ISAC who led the parents through how to fill out the FAFSA. This was a hands-on workshop in which parents walked out having completed the FAFSA.

On October 20, District 117 hosted a College Application Completion Workshop at Antioch. College Representatives from a handful of schools (Marquette University, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Illinois State University, and University of Miami-Ohio) were present to assist our students in the college application process as well as helping them make revisions to their personal statements/essays.

On October 26, District 117 hosted a Latino College Parent Night at Antioch. This night was presented in Spanish to any student and parent interested in learning more about the college admissions process, and the FAFSA.

On February 28, District 117 hosted a College Planning Night for Juniors. This night was focused on Junior students and families interested in learning more about the college search and admission process. College admission representatives with more than 30 years of experience between them were on hand to help kick start students college search. The college representatives led a spirited discussion of the steps to take as students begin their journey down the road to college, focusing on three areas of "fit": academic, social, and financial. They also provided insight from inside the admission office, including what you should and should not do as students begin to visit and correspond with colleges.

ACHS Current Reality (via Naviance): 91.6% submitted applications to a 4 or 2 year university. According to Naviance, 52.9% are attending a 4-year university, 38% are attending a community college, 2.3% are enlisting in the military, 2.9% are working and the other 4% are unsure.

LCHS Current Reality (via Naviance): 92.7% submitted applications to a 4 or 2 year university. According to Naviance, 68.5% are attending a 4-year university, 23.5% are attending a community college, .8% are enlisting in the military, 1.9% are working and the other 5% are unsure.

Recommendations for 2017-2018 school year for District 117: 1. District 117 will continue with similar programming: Financial Aid Night, FAFSA night, College Planning Night, College Planning Workshop, College Planning Night for Juniors, etc. 2. District 117 will continue to advertise and promote college visits. College Visits are an opportunity for students to hear about and learn from specific college/university admission representatives during the school day. 3. District 117 counselors will continue to educate our students and parents/guardians on post-secondary planning through classroom visits, class meetings, and informational meetings before or after school. 4. District 117 will continue to promote the use of Naviance, a post-secondary plan tool for parents and students to use and navigate while planning for post-secondary education. 5. District 117 will follow the district-wide Student Services curriculum and be consistent with our message regarding the post-secondary planning options. 6. Continue to look at educating our students on vocational, trade, and career opportunities. District 117 has already set up a career expo during the Fall.