Anatomy & Physiology students recently researched if bones can heal themselves, and ended their inquiry by breaking and correcting turkey bones!

Posted: November, 1, 2017 - 8:00am

Fun with Fractures in Anatomy & Physiology

Our Eagles involved in Anatomy & Physiology class have made some great ‘break’ throughs recently on bone fractures!

In the beginning of the course, students began by learning the physiology of how bones go about fixing themselves in the human body. The class was then asked if the body is always equipped to properly heal itself. Many students believed that bones are unable to heal themselves, which spurred them to begin research into the different types of bone fractures and how orthopedic surgeons repair them.

Once their research was complete, students obtained a turkey femur, broke it using a machine Mr. Barbanera built, and planned their strategy to fix it based on their research and the type of break they got.

This particular group had a very difficult avulsion fracture that continued down the diaphysis of the bone and was able to correct it!

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