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April 26, 2018


Distracted Driving Awareness Week

In the past month, nearly 90% of drivers engaged in risky behavior behind the wheel. Are you one of them? Each day, 10 people die in distracted driving related collisions. No distraction- whether texting or talking on the phone - is ever worth the loss of life on the roadway. These senseless deaths can easily be prevented if drivers simply choose to focus on the core task of driving when behind the wheel. This week is DISTRACTED DRIVING AWARENESS WEEK. Eagles, please save a life and #DROPITANDDRIVE.


Key Club News

Keep saving pop tabs through Monday, April 30th for The Eliminate Project, a program to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus worldwide.  Pop tabs will be weighed and split between the amount of students in each second hour class! The class with the highest total will win a breakfast!!  Check your email from Tara Erickson for the latest totals.  Lakes has collected 102,110 pop tabs!!  Go Eagles!!


ILC News

Join the ILC on Friday for Do Something Cool. We’ll be playing with Sphero Minis, which are these cute little robot balls that you can program using a free app on your phone. We’ll have obstacle course races and, if there’s time, we’ll bowl.

Register here.

Lakes Student Art Show

The Lakes student art show will be in the Commons on Tuesday, May 1st at 6pm.  Hope to see you there!




If you would like to attend any of these visits, stop by Student Services for a pass.                                 

5/1         College of Lake County       8:25




School Store News

The Booster Club School Store is located in the Main Lobby near the auditorium entrance.  This store is one-stop shopping for all your Lakes clothing, gift ideas, and more.  Stop in and check it out!!

The Booster Club School Store is open Monday, Wednesday, & Friday during lunch hours.

Lost & Found

Lost your bracelet, glasses, phone, lunchbox, sweatshirt…??  Check out the Lost and Found in Student Services.  Small items are held behind the desk so please ask us!



Forgot your lunch?  Left your cleats at home?  Need your homework?  Maybe someone knows you need/want this item and brought it to school for you, but how will you know?

Check the “Message Board” by the Dean’s Office.  If you have an item, there will be a note with your name on it directing you to where your item can be picked up.

Even if you are not expecting something, take a look at the board.  See a friend’s name on the board?......let them know.


Fine Arts

Hey, Eagles!

What are you doing this Thursday?!? Come watch The Bully Plays performed by Lakes’ Studio Theatre Classes! The Bully Plays entails 8 short plays that show different experiences that involve bullying. Come watch The Bully Plays in the theatre classroom at 4 and 7 PM on Thursday, April 26 for free!

See you there!


Get Involved in the Fall Play!

The fall play next year is a sci-fi/horror dark comedy that takes place IRL and in a video game. By the end of the show, reality and virtual reality blur and nobody is really sure what’s alive and what’s not…

If this interests you, come audition! Auditions are Thursday, May 10th - you can sign up for an audition time on the call board outside the theatre classroom. You will need to fill out the audition form, which is available at

If being onstage isn’t for you, you can sign up to be backstage! You can help with the set, costumes, lights, and/or sound - just sign up to be on those crews on the ‘Stage Crew’ call board outside the theatre room - you can’t miss it on your way to lunch!

If you’re interested in being a production leader, please contact Mr. Mozes directly.

Any questions? Contact Mr. Mozes

Looking forward to working with you!


**ASL (American Sign Language Group) (Ms. Steinberg) Watch here for next meeting day and time info. If you have any questions, please email

Archery Club (Ms. Schulze) Archery Club will begin meeting again for the season every Tuesday outside the locker rooms.  The club will run from 3:15-4:15.  No prior experience or equipment necessary.

Art Club (Mrs. Adams) Meets every Monday from 3:00-4:00pm in rooms B108/B109 AND for one full week of each month. May is the 14th – 17th. You do not have to have any experience or be enrolled in an art class to attend!

Bass Fishing Team (Mr. Cardarella/Mr. Gedville) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.


Book Club (Mrs. Piekutowski) Meeting on Fridays after school in the ILC.

Chess Club (Mr. Tad-y/Ms. Rauchfuss/Ms. Kaisserlian) Meeting in room C201B on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:00pm - 3:45pm. Visit our website at:


**Crossfit Group (Mr. Hile) Meetings will be on Mondays and Thursdays from 3-3:45pm.  For more information, contact Mr. Hile.

Eagle Pals (Ms. Harrington/Ms. Knieling) Interested in joining?  Contact Ms. Harrington or Ms. Knieling.

Evergreen Club (Mr. Newton) Meeting on Wednesdays at 3pm in room C204.

**Fantasy Sports Group (Ms. Goldkind) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

**Filipino American Student Association (FASA) Group (Mr. Tad-y) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

FCCLA (Ms. Harrington/Ms. Schneider) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

Freshmen Class Student Council (Ms. Lehman) Meetings are on Tuesdays in room C239 at 3:00pm.  All Freshmen are welcome!

Gaming Club (Mr. Blevins) Meeting on Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:30pm in the Upper ILC.

German Club (Mrs. Cratty) Meeting after school on Thursday, April 26th in room C109.  Bis dann!

GSA (Ms. Malec) Meetings are every Monday in room C110 from 3-3:30pm.

**Guitar Group (Mr. Kastor) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.  If you have any questions, please email

Interact Club (Ms. Reynolds)  Meeting on Thursdays in the ACHS Idea Center at 7pm.

Junior Class Student Council (Ms. Sager) Meeting on Mondays in room C323 at 3pm.

Key Club (Ms. Curtis)  Meeting on Mondays after school in room C208A.  Please feel free to come check us out!  Any questions, email Ms. Curtis.

Literary Magazine Club (Mr. McAlpine) Meeting on Thursdays after school in room C302.  Any students interested in designing the magazine or contributing writing, art, or photography are welcome to attend.

Math Team (Mr. Valsa)  Meeting on Tuesdays, in room C315B from 3:00 to 3:30pm.

Menharmonic (Mr. Ermel) Meeting every Tuesday from 3-3:45pm in the Choir Room.   

**Mock Trial Group (Mr. Krecker) Meeting every Monday in room C119 from 3 -3:45pm.


National Art Honor Society (Ms.  Adams & Mr. Shifley) NAHS meets the first Wednesday of every month at 3pm in B109.

National Honor Society (Ms. Tobin) Next meeting is Tuesday, May 1st in ­­the cafeteria at 3:00pm.

**Pre-Health/Med Group (Mr. Barbanera) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

Prom Committee (Ms. Chilcote & Mrs. Andre) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

Psychology Club (Mrs. Guther) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

Robotics Club (Mr. Strzyinski) Meeting on Tuesdays & Thursday in room C238 from 3:00 – 5:00pm.

Scholastic Bowl (Ms. Cornelius)  Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

Senior Class (Ms. Malec) Meeting Tuesday mornings at 7:05am in room C310A.

Sophomore Class (Ms. Cross) Meeting on Tuesdays in room C315A at 3:00pm.  All Sophomores are welcome! 

Spanish Club (Ms. Lawson) Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

Student Council (Ms. Malec) Back to meeting on Thursdays!  See you all in the Upper ILC this week!

Tri-M (Mr. Kastor)  Watch here for next meeting day and time info.

Uncharted Club (Mrs. Miller)  Meeting on Friday mornings at 6:45am in the cafeteria.

Women’s Choir (Mr. Ermel) Meeting every Tuesday from 3-3:45pm in the Band Room.

Writing Club (Mrs. Piekutowski) Meeting on Wednesdays after school in the Upper ILC.

** Indicates Group Status

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