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From the desk of Jim McKay

Posted: August, 8, 2016 - 7:44am


It is my pleasure and honor to once again welcome back all of our Community High School District 117 families!  We are excited to provide our students with high quality programing that promotes all forms of personal growth.  I would like to extend a special welcome to our Freshman Class of 2020!                                                           

While you were on summer break, the District was working hard to improve our learning spaces and infrastructure so as to provide the best possible environment for learning.  I’m certain you will notice and appreciate some of our improvements.
I want to share with you a message from the 2016 Illinois Teacher of the Year Kim Thomas.  I think her message is appropriate for this time of the year and embodies our newly developed mission statement, Ignite passion and discovery in all students. Enjoy.

Live + Laugh + Love = Learn

Teaching and math share a common denominator – they center on relationships.

Of course, in math the relationships are between numbers …positives, negatives, addition, division, etc., and you have to find the satisfactory solution before moving on to the next problem. Teachers of any subject understand the correlation of success and building relationships with our students, parents, colleagues, and the community. I want to share my approach to building strong relationships that demonstrate all the good things going on in classrooms across Illinois.

The teaching profession is filled with diverse angles. Some are acute while others are obtuse. The degree of each angle is irrelevant. It is the “mathlicious” approach I take that makes me who I am as a teacher.  I just completed my 10 x 2 + 3 year teaching in Peoria. This is the most challenging era to be an educator. Policies, evaluations, and assessments are ever-changing; the constants in education are the love and dedication we have for kids.

I live what I teach every day. It is up to me to ensure my enthusiasm and passions for teaching are contagious for my students as well as other educators. We are all in this together, and our goal should be to make sure that the time students spend with us will be one of the best fractions of their day.

Laughter should be in everyone’s lesson plans. It is so important for kids to be happy. Beginning my class with a cheer for someone or something upbeat always puts a positive parabola on my students’ faces. My cheers are very simple and fun – I just spell out a kid’s name, and then say something great about them. I never made the cheerleading team, but now I am head cheerleader in my classroom!

The word “love” makes even the toughest kid rethink a decision. My students know I am their math mom. Moms have to correct their children, but still love them. One parental contact can transform a child’s education path, and talking is powerful and free! Parents deserve our commitment to keeping them informed.

Teachers are the length, width, and height of education. It is not easy to be a teacher, and that’s why teachers are three-dimensional super heroes. Please continue to add to your passion. Subtract the “I can’t” and multiply by “I can.” Divide by the love you have for kids, and this will equal an educational celebration.

I believe Mrs. Thomas’s message represents the beliefs and values of educators in Community High School District 117.  We are intentional with our professional practices and believe in developing, and maintaining strong, positive relationships with our students, parents, and community.  We look forward to another great school year.

Yours in Education,
Jim McKay

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  • Posted: August, 8, 2016 - 7:44am


    It is my pleasure and honor to once again welcome back all of our Community High School District 117 families!  We are excited to provide our students with high quality programing that promotes all forms of personal growth.  I would like to extend a special welcome to our Freshman Class of 2020!                                                           

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