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Posted: December, 8, 2015 - 12:06pm

PARCC Assessment

During the 2014 - 2015 school year, CHSD 117 elected to assess a select group of students on the state issued PARCC Assessment for the first time ever. This assessment was given in two parts, over multiple days, and was a replacement for the PSAE.  Soon, the results of the PARCC assessments will be released and the District wants to share accurate information regarding its scores.

Each student, who took the assessment, will be given a scaled score in the areas of Math and English Language Arts (ELA). The scores are then broken down into five categories:
• Score of 1 - Did not meet Expectations for College & Career Readiness
• Score of 2 - Partially met Expectations for College & Career Readiness
• Score of 3 - Approaching Expectations for College & Career Readiness
• Score of 4 - Met Expectations for College & Career Readiness
• Score of 5 - Exceeded Expectations for College & Career Readiness

Illinois considers a score of four or five to meet college and career readiness standards. When Illinois released the preliminary results in September, just over one-third of the students in the State scored at a level four or five.

While Illinois student achievement scores have dropped significantly, part of this drop in scores is also related to how “meeting or exceeding” State Standards is measured. PSAE used a 4-point scale in which scores of 1 and 2 are below State Standards. PARCC uses a 5-point scale in which 1, 2, and 3 are below standards. However, PARCC has defined a “3” as close to or “approaching” standards. I realize this may be confusing!

• In 2014, 54.3% of Illinois students met or exceeded State Standards on the PSAE, which the state is no longer using.
• In 2015, 33% of Illinois students have a strong understanding of the State Standards on the new PARCC.

An initial analysis of District 117 results indicates that a much higher percentage of our students scored at a level four or five then the state average of students taking parallel assessments. Further, when students who scored a three are included (as some states and districts are doing), our district’s percentage of students meeting state expectations, are consistent with those we had achieved in the past.

During the coming weeks, if your student took this assessment, we will be sending you a copy of your child’s score report. Additional information about the PARCC Assessment is available at and ISBE PARCC Place. Should you have any questions regarding this assessment, please do not hesitate to reach out to the administration at your building.

Yours in Education,
Jim McKay

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