Upcoming Vote

Posted: January, 6, 2017 - 8:57am

Upcoming Vote

The Board of Education passed a resolution (December 8, 2016) that places a question on the ballot of the April 4th , 2017 election. The question asks voters of the District whether all Board Members should be elected At-Large. District residents will have the opportunity to cast their vote regarding this question at the Tuesday; April 4th , 2017 consolidated election. 

The reason for the question stems from the current difficulty in sustaining representation from the unincorporated areas of the District. Since at least 1965, it has been required that the unincorporated territory, in the District, be represented by at least two members on the Board of Education. Some past Board of Education elections have had no candidates from the District’s unincorporated area, which then requires the District to recruit and appoint a candidate. This process has become very time consuming and increasingly more difficult. Moreover, the Board of Education prefers that Board members be elected by residents rather than appointed. Voter approval removes the requirement that the unincorporated territory in the District be represented by at least two members on the Board of Education; and would make the election of Board of Education candidates less restrictive and more probable of filling all open seats. 

Typically, questions on the ballot ask residents for more money through a tax increase. It is important to note that the District is NOT asking for additional financial support, rather a change in process to better ensure sufficient candidates for all Board seats up for election; hence “At-Large”.

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