Illinois State Scholars

Posted: December, 5, 2016 - 1:39pm

Illinois State Scholars

Congratulations to all of the 2017-2018 Illinois State Scholars! The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) named 64 Lakes Community High School seniors, or 18 percent of the Class of 2017, as 2017-2018 state scholars for outstanding academic achievement. This is up 3 percent from last year. We are proud of you!

ISAC obtains academic data from high schools for students at the end of their sixth semester. The State Scholar formula calculation uses a combination of test scores, class rank (or unweighted GPA, if the school does not rank), and class size.

Please congratulate our students:
Adkins, Alexandra
Archacki, Andrew
Balmer, Logan
Bartlett, Paige
Boehm, Aaron
Brancato, Shane
Brask, Aaron
Callaway, Teaghan
Chamernik, Conner
Christensen, Jack
Cousineau, Michelle
Craven, Brandon
Cyberski, Natalie
Dexheimer, Hannah
Froehlich, Rachel
Gajda, Sarah
Garcia, Erica
Gattone, Sarah
Gerrits, Stephen
Giovanetto, Anna
Gonzalez, Elena
Gundlach, Lucie
Hedges, Emmaline
Higginbotham, Madison
Hubert, Jackson
Jackson, Olutoyin
Johnson, Madeline
Kappel, Elaine
Khan, Brandon
Knauf, Kyla
Kueppers, Alyssa
Kuhstoss, Aaron
Kumpula, Lindsey
Lahr, Mckenna
Li, Yue
Lucas, Emmy
McGinnis, Mary
Messmer, David
Milewski, Victoria
Miller, Eric
Miriyala, Rahul
Moreno, Marisa
Mullan, Makenzie
Najarro, Julio
Nikitow, Aleksandr
Old, Abigail
Pfister, Jewell
Picchietti, Andrew
Quinn, Griffin
Reed, Jennifer
Ryan, Timothy C
Ryan, Timothy J
Schmitt, Alexander
Schumow, Griffin
Segal, Jack
Singson, Benedict
Skarbalus, Eleanor
Small, Leon
Smith, Jonathan
Stromsland, Alyssa
Swidler, Eric
Tsengouras, Arianna
Utter, Jaime
Zellmann, Sarah

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