You Make A Difference

Posted: February, 13, 2017 - 3:04pm

You Make A Difference

Antioch Community High School

Here are the students who were honored for making a difference to our community at the monthly You Make a Difference breakfast on Thursday, February 9th.

Jordan Balleza
Stephanie Bonaguidi
Emily Bronswick
Richard Brown
Victor Candia
Mary Cook
Jordan DeLara
Brandon Etayem
Anthony Farino
Nicholas Farino
Phyllis Fay
Camille Flackus
Elizabeth Gardner
Connor Geidner
Jay Greenberg
Maggie Grigolo
Andrew Hare
John Howe
Paul Iman
Jordyn Jarosz
Patrick Johnson
Samantha Knab
Madisen Krapf
Stephanie Luc
Dillon Lydick
Adam Lynn
Destiny Mathis
Ryan May
Luke Menzies
Emma Miller
Marissa Milone
Grace Nance
Sean O’Hara
Katrina Peterson
Nicole Peterson
Robert Porter
Joseph Pyles
Natasha Reid
Amy Reiser
Amy Reiser
Katherine Salmi
Katherine Salmi
Jared Schwery
Ivan Senechyn
Jonathan Smith
Kylie Steuer
Karla Toman
Rolando Vazquez
Brianna Vettese
Jorge Villagomez
Kathryn Weber
Benjamin Whitmore
Tabitha Wixforth

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  • Sequoit Street Signs

    Through his instruction, Mr. Hahn was able to pull students into that story and help them realize that rather than passively reading that story, they were living in it.

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