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Mr. Hahn beneath his street sign

Posted: April, 27, 2017 - 3:26pm

Sequoit Street Signs

Antioch Community High School

Mr. Norm Hahn spent his entire teaching career in the Social Studies department at Antioch Community High School focusing on US History, International Relations, and Political Theory.  Mr. Hahn’s students found him to be passionate about Social Studies and saw his big personality come out in his teaching style.  ACHS graduate and current St. Charles North High School Social Studies teacher, Jeff Petersen, was lucky enough to have Mr. Hahn as a teacher.  Petersen had this to say about Norm Hahn: 

“Mr. Hahn was an incredibly knowledgeable, and incredibly enthusiastic teacher. Because of that knowledge and enthusiasm, he was able to make challenging concepts, from international diplomacy to Hugo Grotius, engaging, relevant, and easy to understand. The history of our world is a story that does not yet have an ending. Through his instruction, Mr. Hahn was able to pull students into that story and help them realize that rather than passively reading that story, they were living in it.

I now teach AP Human Geography. While I last sat in Mr. Hahn’s class 17 years ago, just two weeks ago when I was teaching about Geopolitical Power Theories, Halford Mackinder, Nicholas Spykman, and Alfred Thayer Mahan, I found myself quoting Mr. Hahn verbatim, with the same meter as I instructed my students. To this day, I can still see Mr. Hahn sitting on his desk, sharing that story, and having a great time.”

He also spent time as the head track and field coach and sophomore basketball coach.  He was an advocate for students all across the county to participate in track and field events.  Even after retiring from teaching, Mr. Hahn continued as the school’s athletic trainer, a fixture on the sidelines at ACHS sporting events.  It was not uncommon for spectators to hear him supporting Sequoit student-athletes with his booming voice launching words of encouragement.  His experience of over two decades negotiating contracts helped Norm to connect with other teachers through the teachers’ association.

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